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The greatest love story ever told

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Reading the modernised version of Romeo and Juliet

Learning Objectives: to develop your reading skills by learning how playwrights create interesting characters through the use of dialogue; to develop your discussion and analytical skills. 

TASKS: Read my modernised version of Romeo and Juliet Act 1, doubling up roles where necessary. At the end of each scene prepare for a discussion in your books with each person taking a different role by making brief notes:

EXPLAINER: This person needs to write down what actually is happening in the play, and then QUESTION the others on what is happening.

CHARACTER TRACKER: This person notes down what the characters are like — their personalities, their behaviour — and works out what makes them interesting characters. They then get ready to QUESTION the group on what they think and will offer their views if the group is stuck.

LANGUAGE TRACKER: This person will note down the interesting language being used in the scene and discuss their views on the language with the group.

DRAMATIC TECHNIQUES TRACKER: This person will look at Shakespeare’s dramatic techniques and discuss how he creates suspense in the scene. They will need to look at the PACE of the scenes, the DRAMATIC ACTION, the DEVELOPMENT of the characters and the PLOT.





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Act 2: What happens in this act?

Learning objectives: to improve your knowledge of the play; to develop your knowledge of Shakespeare’s narrative, his characterisations and linguistic techniques.

Act 2, Scene 1

Act 2, Scene 2

Act 2, Scene 3

Act 2, Scene 4