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The greatest love story ever told

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Act 2: Romeo and Juliet, learning about LOVE!

Learning Objectives: to learn how and why Shakespeare presents the theme of love in this Act; to learn how he creates suspense and humour.

Starter: what has happened before this scene?

In groups, read the Modernised version of Act 2. At the end of each scene, write some notes on these things:

  • The moments when love is revealed between the characters
  • What you think of the characters who are in love.
  • Write some questions to ask about the scene which are OPEN: eg why is this character acting like this?
  • Find interesting quotes from the original and modernised version and analyse their effect.

Keep your notes, your coursework is on the balcony scene!

These are some different version of the most famous scene in theatre, the Balcony scene: